Friday, February 18, 2011

King of Fringe & Suede



This look is sublime, love that fringe necklace.


Miley Cyrus wore this Roberto Cavalli dress from his Spring 2011 RTW collection (on the left) to the Grammy's this year.  Just a lil pop culture for you guys.

Favorite dress from his collection. Gorgeous!

It’s about that time people – New York Fashion week time.  Bryant Park is ablaze with the tapping of heels trafficking to and fro.  Everyone’s wearing their best dressed in hopes of showing out. There’s mounds mingling and greetings with the acclaimed French cheek to cheek kisses, streams of champagne, magnificent art being devoured by the minute, hypnotic music and glorious style spilling out of event after event, show after show – well, that’s how I imagine it at least...I don’t know:/

Anywho, Roberto Cavalli recently premiered his Spring 2011 Ready To Wear line and it is marvelous.  I have to admit, it took some time before I was able to see the splendor in Cavalli’s work, due in large part to the fact that awhile back my sense of fashion was somewhat closeted.  Now I can’t get enough of it – his work is f**king brilliant.  Cavalli’s collection has an ethereal essence with an ambiguous edge.  The fringe, suede and billowy fabric remind me of the liberation of 60s Woodstock, and how that liberation floated through the fashions of that era.  I love my 60s.

I’m loving the rugged feel of the pants: with the open seams and spewing of fringe.  The animal print detail is on the brink of being rough, but the soft pastel color palette and flowing fabric soften it up.  The whole collection is fantastic.  I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.

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  1. Not a fan of the pants or tops but I really love the dresses.