Saturday, February 12, 2011

Art 4 Look

How amazing is it that a photo has the ability to stimulate an audience as does a soft kiss or hug, or rain grazing your forehead, or like the sharp cut of a knife.  That is the brilliancy of such an artist, and what they’re able to create.   Photography is a gifted talent, one where the photographer must possess an architectural eye in order to capture the dimensions of a moment to simulate a story. 

I recently had the pleasure of meeting with talented photographer Catherine Jeannette of Cathy Robison photography.  The self taught portraiture became captivated by art at a young age, and was initially introduced into the field as a painter.  Over time Robison became enthralled by the mysterious ambiguity of photography, and has been committed to nurturing her passion.  Robison sites Christine Heidel and Carmen Moreno as creators she admires.  “Their ability to capture raw emotion in such simple pleasures in a riveting and thought provoking way excites me... it’s intriguing to watch Moreno continuously create effortless art out of everything that graces her camera” adds Robison. 

The Tacoma inhabitant of Japanese, Korean, German and Polish descent reignited her passion last June after taking time away from photography to balance the roles and demands of life.  Not long after she realized that she couldn’t be without it. 

With a focus in portraiture and fashion photography, Robison seeks to transfer conscious emotion into her subjects to bring definition and distinction to the photo and the items in it.  She wants her photos to seize the beauty of life, while embodying the essence of a painting.  In addition to working with stunning garments, Robison enjoys working outdoors, stating that “working in a natural setting breeds more creativity for both the subject and the photographer”.  As Robison’s influence in the Seattle area grows, she hopes to remain local while continuing to expand her collaborative efforts. 

When asked what art meant to her, Robison simply replied “art is a beautiful expression that otherwise can't be said in words, yet can be captured with photography”.  I couldn’t agree more. 

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