Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Walk in a Park

Vintage Oscar de La Renta Fur Coat: Red Light Consignment Store, Beaded top: F21, Boyfriend Jeans: gifted, Heels: Jessica Simpson, Necklace: Buffalo exchange Consignment Store, Earrings: Fashion Bug

Some days ago I took a a friend’s backyard that ironically resembles a park, and although it’s mid fall where temperatures are drastically dropping here in Washington state, the air felt as fresh and crisp as a clear spring morning. 

With that clarity I began to think about the New Year and in what ways I will steer my life closer to the purpose in which the Lord created me for.  I won’t list out the course that I had in mind because to do so would eat up a considerably large chunk of time but I will tell you this: instead of simply thinking of the changes that the New Year will bring command them!  Command what you want in your life to come, and command what you want out of your life to leave.  If you would like to experience love in the New Year command love into your life, creating stronger and deeper love from all fellowships including friendships, family relations and so on.  If you would like the chaos of your life to leave you in the New Year, command it to leave.  It is not enough to say you want a certain change, you have to command that change and do what is required to make it happen.

Just some friendly spiritual advice that I heard from a very wise source.  Happy Holidays everyone!

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