Sunday, October 17, 2010

"Boys Love BJ"

Designer Betsey Johnson made a much anticipated visit to the Emerald City on October 14th to visit with fans and raise money for breast cancer awareness.  The Betsey Johnson store, located in downtown Seattle, was brimming with devoted fashionistas, pastel colored cupcakes supplied by Trophy cupcakes, giggles, glam and anything and everything leopard print. 

Yummy desserts provided by Trophy Cupcakes

Betsey J did a short Q&A for her eager fans where my hand was constantly up in the air.  It was as if it was remote control activated to shoot up every time she spoke.  Luckily she hid any sign of annoyance and patiently answered each of my questions which covered topics about her new spring line, when the fitted fuchsia striped dress she wore would be available, how she got into the industry, what her motivations are and so on – eventually I had to slap my hand across my fervent mouth to keep it from moving.
Betsey Johnson’s designs are just as eccentric as she is.  Her pieces are ultra feminine, with whimsical party dresses, crystal incrusted pumps, leopard print everything, and eye catching jewelry good enough to eat.  Her specialty are her dresses which have a very girly essence but with a sexy, glam edge. 

Loved this dress I tried on at the Betsey Johnson store; the floral print and lace accent on the chest add a perfect punch of feminism, while the boning along the sides of my torso molded with my curves. The dress fit like a glove but I purposelessly left my pocketbook in the trunk of my car – parked 4 blocks away.  Ignore the brown boots, they were from my original outfit.

Betsey Johnson is a true optimist, it radiates off of her skin and infects an entire room – I was basking in it.  She is a breast cancer survivor herself and opted to share her experience with her fans at the store; I wasn't expecting her to discuss that with everyone but I was glad she did because it was extremely empowering.  Make sure you check out the Betsey Johnson store located on 5th avenue.

The lovely Betsey Johnson  and I at her store in downtown Seattle.

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